Meet Kalino!

zumb crazy hat.png

He is our first character out of the four characters that we have in Zumbini and just like your kiddo he is finding the music and learning what it means to him! Come and joins us to explore all of the amazing beats, rhythms and moves that Kalino has to offer! 

What to bring to each session:

  • Drum from home (A plastic bowl works too!)

  • Sport mat 

  • Water 

  • your mask

  • Vaccination Pass, Negative Corona test, or Proof of having Corona in the last 6 months. You do not have to test if you have had the booster and you are passed your 15 day period!

New Year Classes: Kalino Finds the Music

Zumbini Program for children ages 0-5
Tuesdays, Jan 11th to Feb 1st: 1545 to 1630
Saturdays, Jan 5th to Feb 5th: 0930 to 10:15

For the beginning of the year, all classes are offered as single classes. Why? Check out my newsletter for an update!

Semblanza Tanzstudios
Geisenhausenerstraße 18, 81379 München

Info Regarding the Safety of our Children 

Due to our present situation, here are the actions that will be taken to keep everyone safe and healthy!  


1. Each family will need to bring drum from home. Scarves, shakers, and other instruments will be provided. Provided scarves and instruments will be disinfected before and after each class to ensure your safety. You are more than welcome to bring your own instruments if it makes you feel more comfortable!

2. Each family needs to bring a yoga mat with in order to encourage children to remain on their spots

3. Masks need to be worn when walking through the studio but may be taken off when you are on your spot. 

4. Disinfectant and sanitizer will always be available