Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need? 

If you are coming for the Schnupper you will either need to bring your own instruments or write me in advanced and ask if you can use mine. I do not have drums to lend out but you can simply bring a plastic bowl! Here is a general list of what you need. 

Shakers for child and caregiver 

Dancing scarves for child and caregiver 

Drum to share 

Sport mat 



a mask for the caregiver 


2. What if I do not have instruments?

If you are signed up for the Schnupper and do not have instruments you will either need to bring them, buy them or you can borrow from me, just please let me know before class and not during! I do NOT have extra drums so you will have to bring this yourself. If you are in the one of my 6 weeks Zumbini sessions you will get your Bini Music package with your shakers and scarves but you will still need to bring a drum! 

3. What kind of drum should I buy? 

Any kids drum will work! Here is one from Amazon that I like but this one is not required! 

Kinder Holz Trommel

4. How can I best prepare my kid for Zumbini?

As someone who works in childcare for a living I believe strongly in preparing children for what to expect. Here is my recommendation. Explain to your child about a week in advanced that you guys will be starting Zumbini classes. If you are comfortable you can show your child videos so that they know what Zumbini is. Explain to them as well that unlike the children in the video they will need to do their best to stay on the mat that you bring with to class - maybe try playing a game that requires you guys to stay on your mat! Explain that mommy/ daddy/ or caregiver must keep the mask on until you guys are on your spot and lastly explain that they will have a TON OF FUN! IF you do not get to this DO NOT WORRY - your child will learn by watching the other families and the instructor! 

5. What do I do if my child runs away from our spot?

First thing to do is DO NOT stress! Kids get excited, especially when it comes to sing, dancing, music and being with mom/dad/caregiver! Keep dancing or singing and give your child a moment to come back to you. You can encourage them by waving them over. Your instructor will also help you to encourage your child to go back to their spot. If they do not come back, simply put your mask on, bring your child back to your spot, explain why they need to stay near you and simply go back to having an awesome time with your kiddo!  

6. What will happen if my child runs up to the Zumbini Instructor for a hug or simply to dance! 

Due to our current situation, we are all trying to keep our distance while staying safe and having fun! If you do not feel comfortable with your instructor hugging, touching, embracing, etc. your child. Please let them know. We want you to feel like Zumbini is a safe space where you can go with your child to have fun!