How do the New Pricing Plans Work?

1. If it is your first time at Zumbini....

  • Choose Schnupperstunde 

  • This option will let you try my class for just 13 Euros! 

2. If you have done Zumbini before....

  • Choose the Rainbow Plan 

  • You will get 6 Zumbini classes 

  • plus the option to easily reschedule and cancel if necessary

3. If you super LOVE Zumbini....

  • Choose the Superstar Plan!

  • You will get 10 Zumbini classes 

  • Plus the option to easily cancel and reschedule 

4. If you like Zumbini but don't want to commit...

  • Simply got to Book Now and find the class that works for you

  • Click on this class and you can book it as a single session! 

Members Area

​​Our new members area is what is going to make our lives sooooo easy! 

When you purchase your plan or single class, through the Pricing and Plans page, you will be asked to create an account (It is possible that you already have one)!



Screenshot 2022-01-26 173616.png

This is what the members area looks like and will be in the right hand corner of your screen on all pages

After you purchase your classes will be AS CREDITS in your members area. 

You can then simply go to the booking calendar and book all of the classes that you would like to take! 

You will also see that rescheduling and cancelling is much easier now! ***Please note: rescheduling and cancelling is only possible 24 hours or earlier before a class begins!


Zumbini is a program meant to be taught as a program of 6 classes!

I strongly recommend that you and your child make coming to Zumbini a routine so that you both can get as much out of the program as possible!

These plans are valid for all classes starting 22nd Feb 2022