New Outdoor Classes

Important Corona Information 

  • Via the rules we are only allowed to have class if the Incidence Numbers , 3 days prior to our class (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday ), were under 100 

  • Due to this rule it is VERY IMPORTANT that you sign up ASAP so that I can send you an email Friday evening, letting you know if class can take place or not. 

  • Due to the possibility of cancellation we will simply do payment in cash on the day of the class 

  • I have VERY limited spots so please do not sign yourself up, if you cannot attend.

  • Disinfectant will be provided 

  • Proper distance will be kept between families 

  • And we will still have a whole bunch of fun!  


Zumbini is a 45-min early childhood education program for both child and caregiver. This class is full of singing, dancing, drumming and learning! 

This class is for children ages 0-8! 


Kidding Around Yoga is 45 minutes of moving our bodies in a way that feels good while simultaneously finding both our center AND our silly!


This class is for children 4-12! 

Important Information 

Where: Pater-Rupert-Meyer Schule, Pullach 

             Wolfrathauser Str. 30 82049 Pullach im Isartal

When: Starting April 10th 

            Every Saturday 


Zumbini at 10am 

Kidding Around Yoga at 11am 

Price: 15 Euros 


What you need: 

Yoga/Sport mat (for both classes)


Drum (plastic bowl) - Only for Zumbini 

Parents must be present at all classes!